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Becky comes and sits on my knee and I put my arms round her waist and give her a little kiss on the lips. I felt his fingers probing me. I wanted to tell her I had been thinking about cumming in her mouth and watching her swallow my cum. We go into the bedroom, where Ken is lying on the bed. We kissed and talked about the weekend of fucking ahead of us.

The Pastor’s Daughter

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Her happiness is more important than anything else. As she darted up they slid down her hips. If I could had thrown my arms around him I would have. He had been look at me, I exclaimed in my mind. When he'd started unbuttoning her nightgown and she'd tried to do it for herself, she'd looked down. When she did that she saw what was obviously his erection.

Storm Damaged Daughter by Lubrican

I enjoyed pleasing him, making him feel good. She was a little hesitant but she followed him into the front hall, where they were both greeted with groans and moans coming from the living room. It was a chilly August morning, especially for me since I was still naked. My pussy was leaking like crazy and began to ache with that old familiar feeling. She rocked and rolled as her hips thrust and she got even wetter than before. Jenny loses her virginity to her. He grabbed his cock again and stroked it.
I looked right at her smooth pussy for a long moment before looking up. His tongue moved into my mouth. He let it soak for a few seconds and raised his chest off hers so she could breathe. I was so happy sitting next to my Dad in the car. She's an expert at all the tricks little girls use to show off their panties while pretending not to: handstands, cartwheels, tree-climbing, bending over, squatting or just the plain old sitting down with her legs apart.
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